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We are here to help our customers. Klinikk Hausken’s aim is to always be available for our IVF patients. You are always welcome to contact us by telephone or email.

If you want to have a no-strings attached conversation, please call us directly on (+47) 52 70 21 70.

Klinikk Hausken Oslo

Lysaker Torg 5
1366 Lysaker

Postal Address:
Postboks 165
1325 Lysaker

Klinikk Hausken Bergen

Espehaugen 32
5258 Blomsterdalen

Postal Address:
Postboks 99 Blomsterdalen
5868 Bergen

Klinikk Hausken Stavanger

Eiganesveien 10-12
4008 Stavanger

Postal Address:
Postboks 172
4001 Stavanger

Klinikk Hausken Haugesund

Karmsundgaten 59
5531 Haugesund

Postal Address:
Postboks 4113
5506 Haugesund

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We have branches in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger & Haugesund