“Klinikk Hausken is the largest IVF clinic in Norway.”


This is an overview of prices on everything from gynaecology to IVF treatment. Our clinics also performs both diagnostic and surgical hysteroscopy. Other treatment options include aquascanning, cyst puncture and condylomata freezing. We also offer semen analysis. No reference from your GP is required.


There is a separate price list for IVF procedures for non-residents.

Prices non-residents


The Fertility Test

The Fertility Test gives couples who do not get pregnant the answers they need.

Price NOK 2 700,-


If you need to cancel your appointment, you need to cancel at least 24 hours before the agreed hour to avoid a charge of NOK 720,-

IVF treatment

IVF treatment includes:

  • Follow-up by doctor and nurse throughout the course of treatment
  • Ultrasound (up to 2 before egg collection)
  • Egg collection
  • Time-lapse incubator system
  • Embryo transfer


IVF treatment does not include the cost of medication.


Price NOK 36 600,-


Payment can be made online prior to the OPU egg collection or on the egg collection day. Our Bank account information is isplayed in the left column of the contract you have received.


If the doctor can not go through with the treatment due to OHSS or other complications like bleeding/infection, the couple shall not pay for the first embryo insertion after the embryo has been frozen.


If treatment is cancelled before egg collection the price is NOK 6 200,-


Ultrasound in addition to the 2 included in the price of IVF Treatment: Price NOK 750,-

IVF 3 Pack (see terms)

The woman must not be over 39 years at the time of the contract.


The AMH should be above 5 and/or have the number of antrale follicles (ultrasound) of at least 10.


The treatment (up to 3 IVF attempts) should be completed within 18 months.


The contract is fulfilled after 3 initiated IVF attempts or when the couple has reached pregnancy and has had children within the 3 attempts.


Freezing and transfer of thawed embryo is not included in the “3 package” contract.


Additional treatments such as ICSI, surgical sperm retrival (TESE/PESA) or long term cultivation are not included in the price.


When necessary the doctor considers each case separately in order to see if a “3 Pack” treatment is advisable.


Price NOK 73 200,-


For couples who want a new assessment for further IVF treatment.


Price NOK 1 450,-


Additional cost for IVF treatment. A method commonly used in reduced sperm quality.


Price NOK 3 700,-


Additional cost for IVF treatment. Surgical semen retrieval.


Price NOK 3 700,-


When using PESA/TESE, one must also add cost to ICSI.

Diagnostic PESA/TESE

Usually performed prior to IVF. Surgical retrieval of semen.


Price NOK 5 300,-


Sperm retrieval in cases of reduced/lack of sperm production.

Price NOK 22 500,-

Interest-free repayment: You can get up to 24 months interest-free repayment plan with our IVF treatments. Ask us for information. Residents only.

Insemination Treatments


Insemination with the partner’s sperm.


Price kr 7 000,-


Up to 2 ultrasounds prior to insemination are included in the price
Additional ultrasound monitoring: Price NOK 750,-


Insemination with donor sperm.


Price NOK 9 700,-


Up to 2 ultrasounds prior to insemination are included in the price
Additional ultrasound monitoring: Price NOK 750,-


Cryopreservation and storage of embryo

The couple enter into a written agreement to freeze the embryo. Storage of the embryo up to 5 years.


Price NOK 6 350,-

Transfer of frozen-thawed embryos

The couple signs a confirmation of the return of the embryo.


Price NOK 4 950,-


Up to 2 ultrasounds prior to insemination are included in the price
Additional ultrasound monitoring: Price NOK 750,-



Price NOK 6 850,-


You do not pay extra for simple procedures such as scratching


Price NOK 9 100,-


Gynecological examination

For example, cervical test, ultrasound, bleeding disorders, problems during menopause.


Pric NOK 1 450,-

Prenatal checkup with ultrasound

Price NOK 1 450,-

3D ultrasound

Recommended between week 26 and 32.


Price NOK 1 780,-

No-show fee

You appointment must be canceled at least 24 hours before the agreed hour to avoid no-show fee.


Price NOK 440,-


Pipelle Sampling

Pipelle Sampling/Scratching

Scratching is performed by making a small wound in the uterine lining. It is performed without the need for anesthesia as in a normal gynecological examination. You use a small plastic tube that is inserted into the cervix and “scratches” the surface so that you get a controlled injury. This can cause mild, short-term menstrual pain / discomfort. It may be that you have some small bleeding afterwards. The “new-repaired” uterine lining is then more susceptible to an embryo to be implanted.


  • For long protocols, scratching is performed after the end of the period before spray startup.
  • For short protocols, scartching is performed immediately after the end of the menstrual cycle before before scheduled trials.


You book your appointment online, on the phone or at the clinic.

Price NOK 1 450,-

Aquascanning and fallopian tube examination

An examination of the uterus and fallopian tubes
Price NOK 2 150,-

Cyst puncture

Price NOK 2 150,-

Minor surgical procedures

Price NOK 2 150,-

Condylomata freezing

Price NOK 2 150,-

Sperm analysis

Sperm analysis with same day results.


Price NOK 1 720,-


The sample can be produced at the clinic in one of our sample rooms. You can also bring the sample to the clinic. If you bring the sample from home it should be witin one hour and the sample should be kept close to the body to keep body temperature.



Initial Consultation: 2.000 NOK


IVF (excluding medication): 24.000 NOK


ICSI Procedure: 3.000 NOK


TESE/PESE Procedure: 3.000 NOK


Blastocyst Transfer: N/A


Cryopreservation and storage of Embryoes: 4.000 NOK


Transfer of Frozen-thawed Embryoes (FET): 3.000 NOK


We also offer IUI.

*Cost of donor sperm will be an added cost.
 Prices shown are for non-residents only.
 For all other patients the Norwegian pricelist is applicable.

All prices are subject to change. We make reservations for errors.


Prices are valid from January 2019.