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The first step in the process is having an initial consultation. Contact us today for more information.

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Firstly you will meet with one of our specialist doctors where you will be able to ask any questions you may have. The doctor will perform a scan and explain the results with you in detail. We will also require a semen sample from your partner. This can be done at our clinic.


During the consultation the doctor will put together an individual treatment plan according to his findings. Secondly you will sit down with one of our nurses who will explain your treatment plan/protocol with you in detail (time frame, prices, dosage, injection etc.)


The consultation will last approximately two hours.


You will have to get the HIV, Hep B and C blood works done here in Norway during your visit. According to Norwegian law the blood works has to be analyzed at a Norwegian lab approved for testing infectious diseases in connection to IVF treatment. This is at no extra cost and you will be given all the information needed on how and where to go prior to your appointment. The cost of the initial consultation is £200.


Some may wonder if it is necessary to have an initial consultation at our clinic if you have had previous treatment. If previous IVF treatments have had negative outcomes or been performed at a different clinic then the answer is YES. Why? There might be things that have been overlooked in previous consultations which can have a major impact on the treatment plan and overall result if not detected.


– Customer Testimonial –


“The fact that the treatment worked first time was amazing. Also the fact the treatment, especially the cost of a frozen embryo transfer is affordable helped relieve the stress of the situation, knowing that if the first attempt didn’t work then another attempt with a a frozen embryo was affordable.”


Alley H. from Lincolnshire



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