“Our IVF methods give you a higher success rate”

Sarah, Mike & Joshua


“We had to be prepared that we might require more than one attempt (like most people we had a limited budget) and knowing we could afford approx. 2 and a half to 3 attempts in Norway to the cost of one in the UK (even taking travel and accommodation into account) was a bit of a no-brainer. From being put at ease during our initial Skype consultation through to having Joshua and planning to return for our frozen embryos, it has been a very positive process for us throughout (even with our unsuccessful attempts) we always had confidence in the team at the clinic.”


Sarah and Mike – Cheshire


“When we were choosing where to go, we wanted to know that whichever clinic we chose we would feel like we were individuals with specific needs, not just a number on a conveyor belt.”

Deniz, Mustafa & Aras


“We have been, from the very first appointment, very pleased with all the treatment, follow-up, customer service, honesty and sincerity we experienced at Klinikk Hausken. The staff is professional and knowledgeable. In the pictures you see our little prince Aras when we visited Jon and his wonderful team to show our gratitude.”


Mustafa and Deniz – Oslo

Klinikk Hausken helps families in Norway and abroad. So far we have helped more than 600 couples from the UK. Aras was the first baby from our clinic in Oslo.


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