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Are you looking for IVF treatment in Haugesund? Or maybe you are unsure if IVF and fertility treatment is necessary or not? Please book an appointment and let us find out.

Our fertility check (Fertilitetssjekken) is often the first step for our patients. With this check, we will map your fertility situation. Together with your IVF specialist, you can plan your next going steps forward. Men can also order a simple sperm analysis at our clinics.

The clinic in Haugesund has been the headquarters of Klinikk Hausken since 2006. The clinic is easily accessible at Karmsundsgaten in the same building as the emergency room and fire station. It is a short distance to the city centre, and the clinic is easily accessible from the airport.


It is essential to find out why you are not getting pregnant. Our four clinics have doctors with long and broad experience that can help you identify the causes. With us, you receive a custom IVF treatment plan that is adapted to your life style and medical history.

  • IUI Partner
  • IUI Donor
  • IVF treatment
  • IVFD - IVF with donor sperm
  • ICSI
  • mikro-TESE
  • FER
  • Sperm analysis
  • Diagnostic TESE/PESA
  • And much more...

Klinikk Hausken Haugesund

Karmsundgaten 59
5531 Haugesund

Postal Address:
Postboks 4113
5506 Haugesund

Monday-Friday 08-16

Telephone & Live Chat:
09-12 & 13-15

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Experience and expertise.

Klinikk Hausken has offered fertility treatment to couples in Norway since 2006. We now have experienced doctors at four clinics. In addition to the branch in Haugesund, you will find us in Bergen, Oslo and Stavanger. All the clinics have the latest in modern equipment and offer a high level of expertise.

"I have recommended to quite a few people now as I have found the whole experience amazing, both in terms of success and service."

Alley from Lincolnshire

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Klinikk Hausken is the largest IVF clinic in Norway. We have branches in Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen and Haugesund. Our experienced medical teams are at the forefront of their field. Use the form to book an appointment or to ask some questions.

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Other branches.

IVF in Stavanger

The clinic is in Eiganesveien in Stavanger city centre.

IVF in Oslo

The Oslo branch is located at Lysaker Torg.

IVF i Bergen

You find us in Blomsterdalen, only minutes from Flesland.