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Our latest clinic is in the city centre of Stavanger – Europe’s oil and energy capital. We have completely transformed the old building, and it is now a light and modern fertility clinic with the latest in high-tech equipment. The clinic is in walking distance of hotels, restaurants and cultural events. Stavanger is also close to the famous fjords. Why not let the city and area tempt you with its sights and culture while you are there?

Information about Stavanger.

Stavanger is the fourth largest city in Norway. Located in a scenic coastal landscape bordering the sea and fjords, it is a popular tourist destination.

The city centre has remained a small-town character with small detached wooden buildings. It is easy to stroll around and enjoy what the city has to offer.

Locals call the city the "oil capital" of Norway since the largest oil companies are located in or nearby of Stavanger. Although a small city, it is remarkably international.

 Stavanger Airport offers daily international flights from major UK airports. Scandinavian Airlines and Norwegian usually offer low-cost fares. Getting from the airport to the city centre is easy. You can choose between bus, taxi or car rental See the Avinor website for up to date information.


Local Transportation:
 Plan your trip around the Stavanger area with local bus services, Kolumbus.


The city accommodates thousands of tourists and business people at any time, so you have no end of choices. You can choose between luxury hotels or simple B&Bs. And of course, you can book an apartment or room with Airbnb as well. Overall, the standard is high. Use the standard search engines below to find your accommodation.


The city is the oil and energy capital of Europe and culturally very diverse. You will find a vibrant cultural scene and interesting restaurants. Spectacular natural sights are just a short drive away. Check out the websites below for information and inspiration.

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