First in Norway

Klinikk Hausken has invested in an EmbryoScope! We are the first clinic in Norway to take this new technology in use.

Due to this new technology we will be able to continuously monitor the embryo development (pics. taken every 20 minutes). This also means that we do not need to remove the embryos from the incubator which will enable perfect environment for the embryos.

Due to continuous monitoring  of the embryo this will enable us to choose the embryo with maximum potential for implantation

Klinikk Hausken and science

In 2008 we are starting a new study concentrating on the probability of a successful outcome for couples with 3 previous  negative IVF treatments at other clinics. So far the study has shown that half of the couples has managed to get pregnant after receiving treatment at our clinic.

The study will run for 2 years and is in cooperation with Serono Norway. Our aim is to get the results of the study published in Human Reproduction. There has been previous publications that has concentrated on the probability of  having a child after 3 to 4 attempts. However, our study is looking at couples that have had 3 negative attempts, but still want to give it one more try. This study will be the first of  it’s kind and the results will have a huge impact on future consultations and the information given to couples seeking our advice. Is it worth having one more try or is it time to let go?