Klinikk Hausken has gained more than a year’s experience using the Embryoscope™  and we are still the only Norwegian clinic with this revolutionary time lapse embryo monitoring system. Embryoscope™  has an incubator for embryo culture equipped with an inbuilt microscope and camera system which captures images of embryos every 20 minutes. This allows the embryos to be cultured undisturbed, with minimal stress.

As the embryos are exposed to minimal stress during culture, their potential to develop successfully increases. Simultaneously the additional information obtained from time lapse imaging allows us to choose the right embryo with the best implantation potential. Due to our improved results using this technology we invested in a second EmbryoScope™ in February 2012. Having 2 Embryoscopes have allowed us to offer this revolutionary technology to almost all our couples.

The large database of information we have collected from the Embryoscopes has enabled us to develop our own developmental timeline for the embryos. This timeline is now used in addition to our in-house morphological grading system which has become an additional tool for embryo selection. The clinic is sure this will improve your chances of a successful pregnancy.

New hysteroscope at Klinikk Hausken

After the purchase of a new top of the range hysteroscope the clinic is now able to offer hysteroscopic sugery as well as diagnostic hysteroscopy. We also perform Laparoscopy.
There are no waiting lists for these types of treatment.
You can view our pricelist here >>

UK study on cross-border treatment

A study performed by the De Montfort University in Leicester looks at reasons why UK couples choose treatment abroad and their experiences on “cross border treatment”. According to the study there are various factors why couples choose treatment abroad and most people reported a positive experience of “cross-border treatment”. 
Two of Klinikk Hausken’s patients participated in this particular study. Both with positive response to the service received and both couples ended up pregnant with live births.

Check out the study here: TransrepReportJune2011

Klinikk Hausken success rates 2008-2011

Age 2008-2011 UK ave 2009
18-34 39,0 % 32,3 %
35-37 28,3 % 27,2 %
38-39 13,2 % 19,2 %
40-42 14,6 % 12,7 %
43-44 0,0 % 5,1 %
All ages 27,0 % 25,2 %

We have presented our results in the format dictated by HFEA for registration of live births. These results are for UK patients that have visited our clinic in the period 2008-2011 (253 patients), and compared with the live birth results for all UK clinics.
Keeping in mind our UK patients have had previous attempts or been denied treatment in the UK due to various factors such as BMI, AMH or low ovarian reserve our results are above average compared to the UK clinics.

See the HFEAs’ official website for their results here

EmbryoScope no. 2 for Klinikk Hausken

Due to it’s clear advantages regarding embryo selection, the clinic has invested in yet another Embryo scope. All our patients will now have the benefit of this excellent piece of technology during the embryo selection stage. The system is installed and already in use.

Please click on the link to see a movie clip of the Embryoscope

Results up by 10%

We bought our first Embryo Scope in 2011 and we are the only clinic in Norway who can offer their patients this service when it comes to embryo selection.

After compiling data over the last year we can now confirm a 10% increase in the embryo selection success rate. Using the Embryo scope gives us loads of information regarding the embryo development and it’s different stages. This information is extremely useful when it comes to selecting the best quality embryo for transfer.

New switchboard

Klinikk Hausken is pleased to inform you that we now have a fully functioning switchboard. Our english speaking patients will be asked to press 7 for english version followed by 2 options:
1. Appointments and administration
2. IVF nurse

Klinikk Hausken in growth

In 2010 we performed 522 IVF/ICSI treatments, 104 FER and 46 AIH (insaminations).

According to the Norwegian health authorities Klinikk Hausken is the largest of all registered private clinics in Norway.

The clinic has established itself as a popular choice with great results!


Scan-Health Scandinavia is a cooperation between 3 private clinics in Haugesund offering health care services for people in the UK. We’ve had a huge response and this year alone we are anticipating over a 100 couples from the UK having IVF treatment at Klinikk Hausken.

Due to the massive interest shown in our clinic we are expecting this number to increase in the years to come.