Summer holidays

Summer is upon us and the Klinikk Hausken team is getting ready for some well deserved holiday.

The Klinikk Hausken branch in Bergen will take the first round of holidays closing the clinic between  22nd June and 20th July.

The Haugesund branch will have  their holidays between 6th July and 31st July.

Both branches will be closed between 3rd and 6th August due to a congress.


Have a lovely summer.

Watching the Divide by Head of Lab Shabana Sayed

Shabana Sayed is a ESHRE certified Senior clinical Embryologist and IVF Laboratory Director at all branches of Klinikk Hausken in Norway since 2008. With academic degrees in Biotechnology from Mahatma Gandhi University, in India, and Clinical Embryology from Australia’s Monash University, her primary areas of expertise are within embryo selection and optimization of laboratory procedures for IVF.

Shabana’s dedication to the EmbryoScope and her development of the KH timeline has substantially increased Klinikk Hausken’s success rates.

UK testimonial

We received a testimonial from a lovely couple the other day and wanted to share it with you all as we got the couples blessing to do so.
“We met Dr Hausken and Camilla at the fertility show in London and were impressed by them. Like many we needed to consider our finances, as well as finding a clinic that we were comfortable with. We were both impressed and put at ease from our first Skype consultation. As a result we chose Klinikk Hausken for our IVF/ICSI treatment.
Having never been through the process we found it difficult understanding why the costs seemed far cheaper than the UK, but we found everything that they said, and information in their literature, was as stated.
We recently underwent treatment at Haugesund Clinic and from the moment we arrived all staff at klinikk Hausken made us feel very welcome and comfortable.  Everyone on the team demonstrated excellent professionalism, empathy and person centred care, but most importantly for us we felt safe and well treated by their expert knowledge and care. We cannot personally compare to other clinics, but find it hard to imagine any clinic being able to match them.
Being our first time, we were unsure of the full process, but throughout each step they guided us and explained and showed us everything as we progressed with the treatment. It was extremely reassuring to know they were on hand when required.
We are really pleased we chose this clinic and have no hesitation in recommending them. We look forward to continuing our treatment with them, hopefully helping us in our efforts to start our family.”

Absolutely adorable

We were so lucky to get permission to share with you this beautiful picture of the first babies born after treatment at our clinic in Bergen. Sending the new parents all our best wishes.

More children born with EmbryoScope

Our primary reason for investing in an EmbryoScope™ was to be able to pick better embryos for our couples, and we do!

Klinikk Hausken was the first clinic in Norway to have an EmbryoScope™ and we were also among the first clinics in the world to use this in daily clinical practice. We have seen the benefits ever since we received the first incubator in the summer of 2011, and since the beginning of 2012 almost all embryos at the clinic have been cultured in an EmbryoScope™. All cycles from 2012 have now reported, which means that we can measure just how big an impact of using this as our standard method of care has been. And the effect is massive!

Compared to the period of time before we started using the EmbryoScope™, we have increased the number of children born per embryo transferred with 24%.

This goes to show that the decision to invest in an EmbryoScope™ was correct, and that many couples have achieved their dream of having a child as a result of this.

The Fertility Show 2013

I would like to thank all of you who visited me and my team at this years Fertility Show. Hope to hear from you soon.
Kind regards,
Dr. Jon Hausken

Huge savings to be made by choosing Klinikk Hausken


Treatment Prices in £sKlinikk HauskenUK Clinic AUK Clinic BUK Clinic C
Pre-treatment(includes Semen analysis, gynaecology consultation, Virology testing and hormone test)200690720560
IVF treatment (includes egg collection and embryo transfer)2200325032503300
ICSI treatment(includes egg collection and embryo transfer)2450420043504200
Time-lapse embryo culture system (EmbryoScope, Eeva, Primo vision etc.)Free16001125400
Blastocyst culture250800375550
Surgical sperm retrieval (PESA or TESE)250160015803000
Embryo Cryo Preservation and storage350120019003350
Frozen Embryo Transfer250120010951100
Ovulatory Stimulation and Monitoring Treatment PackageFree900615450

Bergen here we come!

Klinikk Hausken opens it’s doors to a brand new clinic in Blomsterdalen, Bergen in September 2013. The clinic is located close to Flesland Airport and with easy access to Bergen city centre. Our fantastic team of doctors and nurses will be travelling to Bergen to make sure our customers get the best treatment and service possible. We have also added to our staff by hiring one more nurse and an embryologist.

Our new address: Klinikk Hausken, 4th Floor, Espehaugen 32, 5258 Blomsterdalen

Contact telephone number:0047  52702180