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At Klinikk Hausken we provide compassionate, complete care, and offer the latest technologies and methods in top quality facilities.

Success in IVF despite previous negative results

We went through our database to find all couples who had experienced negative results after 3 or more IVF treatments at other IVF clinics. We wanted to see how they did after they came for treatment at Klinikk Hausken. According to our database 60% of these couples have, since 2009 been registered with live births after one or two IVF treatments at our clinic. Why is this? Our IVF specialists believe that a “fresh pair of eyes” are needed when one keeps experiencing negative results after several IVF treatments. A new thorough examination will often reveal undiscovered issues. We believe that an individually planned treatment protocol, together with the use of Embryoscope for premium embryo selection are all things that will boost your chances of conceiving. Whether you are just starting your infertility treatment, or have already made attempts to get pregnant, we would encourage you to contact us. Age directly effects fertility, so please be advised that time is of the essence.

Patient-centered treatment and care

Take part in planning your own treatment plan. Led by Director Dr. Jon Wegner Hausken, our team is uniquely qualified to treat complex infertility-related disorders. Dr. Hausken is a highly skilled gynecologist and reproductive endocrinologist, and the former chief gynecologist of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology at HaugesundRegional Hospital. He is the author of numerous scientific publications and has proven remarkably good results from his work. Join him and our other IVF specialist to form a treatment plan individually suited to your needs.   Our philosophy is to offer a patient-centered care. The effectiveness of any care depends on finding the best options and treatment for each particular couple. At Klinikk Hausken we work towards developing a plan that helps you find the treatment that works best for you. We strive to do our very best to help you achieve your ultimate goal of parenthood. We emphasize being easily accessible to our patients, always ready to answer your questions and supporting you throughout the IVF process. The treatment we offer is individualized to meet your needs according to your diagnosis as well as your personal preferences.

Clinics in Oslo, Stavanger, Haugesund and Bergen

You will have to spend one week in Haugesund, Oslo or Bergen during your IVF treatment. This makes for a unique chance to see the impressive Norwegian nature/landscape and let the fresh air reduce the stress and frustration you may be experiencing. We can offer discount prices at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Haugesund, which offers facilities like swimming pool and spa. Check out our travel information under “Menu” for more information.


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“I have recommended to quite a few people now as I have found the whole experience amazing, both in terms of success and service.”


Alley from Lincolnshire



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